My Whole 30 Summary

Something needed to change: my once healthy diet had morphed into bowls of fro-yo and pizza more often than it used to. I couldn’t walk by the candy bowl at work without reaching in. I couldn’t say “no” to treats at work. I had lost my ability to recognize the difference between hunger and craving.  My scale had creeped up again.  I suspected I had a gluten or dairy sensitivity.

I discussed some of this with my doctor at my annual physical and I explained that I’ve always felt like I need to choose between exercise and losing weight- I can’t do both.  I am not willing to give up exercise like I did the last time I lost weight.  She suggested that I might benefit from some sort of high-protein, high-fat diet.  So, I decided to try a Whole 30.

I won’t go into all the details of what the Whole 30 program is about, because you can just google it to get all the info you need.

Here is what I hoped to get out of it:

  1. Kick the “sugar monster” in the butt- get my sweet tooth under control
  2. Regain my willpower to resist unhealthy foods . . . and re-learn to enjoy them in moderation or special occasions
  3. Recognize the difference between hunger and craving
  4. Determine which food groups I am sensitive to and how those foods affect me
  5. Lose weight or at least stop the creeping scale
  6. Feel energized and not a slave to food related energy spikes and food “comas”

After 40+ days, here is what I discovered with regard to each goal:

  1. I kicked the sugar monster to the curb . . .  but not the fruit-monster.
    • I have a sweet tooth that doesn’t let up, even with healthy foods. Chocolate and sugar has been replaced with fresh and dried fruits. While not unhealthy, it isn’t a great habit.
  2. I regained my willpower to resist unhealthy foods. Whether I can stick to enjoying them in moderation is TBD.
  3. I recognize the difference between hunger and craving. Mission Accomplished!
  4. I have determined which food groups I am sensitive to and how those foods affect me.
    • I am gluten sensitive or have silent celiac (TBD), and gluten makes me tired, my head foggy, and induces headaches.
    • I am not lactose intolerant. Phew!
    • Sugar makes me feel crazy.
  5. I stopped the creeping scale but didn’t lose much weight
    • I lost 2 pounds in the first 30 days.  While it is *something,* it isn’t a better result than I would get by counting calories or following Weight Watchers
    • I suspect I would have lost more weight had I eliminated snacks in-between meals and restricted my fruit consumption
  6. I feel energized and am not a slave to food related energy spikes and food “comas”

My recommendation:

Do a Whole 30 if:

  • You think you have food sensitivities (BUT: if you think you have celiac’s, get tested BEFORE your Whole 30)
  • You want a short-term plan to get your cravings in check
  • You wish you could learn to enjoy unhealthy foods in moderation- or- wish they weren’t so appealing to you
  • You want to jump-start healthier eating patterns
  • You want to see how you feel without food controlling you physically or emotionally.

Don’t do a Whole 30 if:

  • You think of it as a “diet”
  • Ignorance is bliss: you don’t really want to know the truth or change your relationship with food forever (I am afraid to eat a bite of pizza for fear of those gluten headaches)
  • You are vegetarian or vegan (I can’t even imagine how that would work…)



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