About This Blog

I heard about the Whole 30 from friends. After some google-research I decided to give it a try.

This is a blog to help others like me who are interested in trying a Whole 30.  I am so grateful to all the other people who had done a Whole 30 and documented their experiences in blogs, forums, and websites, so I decided to add my experience to the interwebs in case it might help someone else out there like me.

This isn’t a blog about my life, what I did last weekend, or my deep innermost thoughts. It isn’t very pretty: sometimes I talk about poop and my food pictures are at times downright ugly- no instagram filters on those bad boys, and I don’t hide my messy desk at work where I eat many meals.

This isn’t one of these perfect Whole 30 blogs either- the kind where every meal looks gourmet and perfect. Like these blogs.  More often than not my meals turned out more like this one.

This is just a blog about my 30(+) day experience of eating by the Whole 30 rules. That’s it!  It didn’t look pretty, but I did it.

I hope my experience of how I felt and what I ate on my Whole 30 helps someone else out there on the ‘web.  Enjoy!



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