Day 44: End of “Whole 30” and Beginning of “Gluten 30”

After my reaction to gluten I checked with my doctor who thinks I should get tested for Celiac Disease.  No problem, right?  Wrong. I need to do a “Gluten Challenge” and eat a “gluten rich” diet for at least 30 days before I get tested.  When I asked what “gluten rich” meant, she said: breads, processed foods, pizza crusts, cakes, and baked goods. Every meal, in a material quantity, not just once a day or a few bites. I actually laughed out loud when I heard this. I lol-ed.  For the first time in my life I have little desire to consume that stuff on a regular basis, but I have to. For at least 30 days. For science.

I have been eating gluten for 30+ years of my life so I can probably handle another 30 days, but it’s amazing how good I feel without eating it. Bringing it back into my diet will mean headaches, feeling foggy and drowsy, and overall blah.  Doing a Whole 30 was eye-opening for me, but the truth is hard to handle.

I find it hard to believe I could have Celiac’s, but if I do these next 30 days could be the last days I eat gluten. Forever!  So, I will swallow some advil and choke down some pancakes and cookies while I can.

I am going to end my blog for now.  I plan to do another Whole 30 as soon as I can stop eating gluten. Next time I hope to focus on the no-snacking guideline and the meal template guidelines (with less fruit).  I may update my blog in the future, but for now I think my mission is accomplished.  Thanks for reading!

Before I end, here’s a bit about my last day: I had decided to kick off a Paleo 90/10 lifestyle today during Restaurant Week in Minneapolis at Saffron (my favorite restaurant!).  This was the kind of meal that was not Whole 30 but all sorts of wholesome “worth it.”  The ingredients were farm-to-table but there were legumes (lentils, chickpeas), non-gluten grains (farro), dairy (marscapone, cream in the soup, goat’s milk yogurt, bavarois), sugar (caramel), and alcohol (wine pairings!).  It felt like a good end to my Whole 30.

What I ate for my Dinner:

First Course:

  • Farro & Beet Salad: with curry, goat’s milk yogurt and hazelnuts (with Arona, Savignon Blanc)
  • Chickpea Soup: with smoked almond romesco, pickled peppers, parsley and crispy chickpeas)


  • Roasted Sweet Potatoes: with lentils, poached black figs, tahini and pomegranate (with Romaine Sainte Eugenie “Le Clos”, Merlot Blend)
  • Chicken Tagine: with chickpeas, piquillo peppers, green olives, and charmoula broth


  • Pumpkin Bavarois: with salted caramel, ras el hanout and apples
  • Chocolate Almond Baklava: with sour cherry sauce and marscapone (with Graham’s 6 Grapes “Reserve” Porto)

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