Day 42: Alcohol

Technically I reintroduced alcohol!  Technically = 3-4 sips of red wine. I had dinner with some friends and have been feeling itchy to move faster on “reintroduction” lately. I am considering doing another Whole 30 in November- this time I will work on eliminating snacking and reducing my fruit consumption.  But before I start again I  want the chance to eat the foods I have been missing and will likely make me feel rotten due to gluten content. Specifically: chocolate chip cookies, that apple pie from the Rustic Inn sitting in the freezer waiting for me, wine, and pizza.  These foods/drinks would be worth it.

I did also eat a little gluten in the form of breadcrumbs on some veggies.  I managed to brush off some of the crumbs but definitely not all. We’ll see how “trace” amounts of gluten affect me tomorrow, I guess!

How I felt: good, pretty normal. I felt well enough to “reintroduce” another food a day early.

What I ate:

Breakfast: egg scramble with spinach

Lunch: shredded chicken with avocado, apple chips with almond butter

Dinner: grilled chicken, chopped salad (iceberg lettuce, cucumber, apple, jicama, balsamic), roasted veggies with breadcrumbs


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