Day 39: Family Dinner

Sara and Carolyn (my original Whole 30 inspiration) hosted an awesome potluck on an unseasonably warm fall evening, and my friends are so awesome that pretty much all of the foods were Whole-30 compliant.  I had the most delicious meal, detailed below.  We had a bonfire, too.  I was sad I couldn’t try all the delicious beers people brought (it was an Oktoberfest gathering in October- why is Oktoberfest in September?), but that’s ok.

How I felt: Day 39 wasn’t as bad as Day 38 when it came to the gluten hangover… but it wasn’t exactly good either.  I felt tired in that way you feel the day after being sick- when your body isn’t exactly hurting but somewhat exhausted from fighting an illness.  This is how I felt from the neck upwards.

What I ate:

Breakfast: nothing, I felt a little ill from the day before and skipped breakfast. A first on Whole 30!

Lunch: Salad bar salad (lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, chopped eggs, slivered almonds, jicama, oil/vinegar, avocado) with homemade shredded chicken. Apple.

Snacks: banana, hazelnuts

Dinner: chicken brats, cooked cabbage, roasted cauliflower and carrots, ginger sweet potatoes, green salad w/apples and cucumber.

No pics!


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