Day 37: Gluten Grains

Gluten. So tasty, so sneaky.

I started my gluten reintroduction day with my first workout since I went on vacation. Granted, I biked all over DC for 2 days and ran after my niece a bit… but I didn’t really “workout.” Truthfully, I enjoyed the break. I was feeling overworked-out and it was good to be back this morning.

After my workout I ate a slice of seeduction bread with almond butter along with a cafeteria veggie omelette. I didn’t notice any reaction other than fullness.  Like, I was seriously, seriously full. Notably full.

For lunch, I ate leftover chili / sweet potato and another piece of seeduction.  Again: really really full.  Bread is filling!  But not just full, that post-lunch, want-to-take-a-nap-now kind of full.  I hadn’t experienced that in over 30 days.  Usually my new normal “full” doesn’t involve feeling tired and lethargic.  Then, a few hours later… I wasn’t hungry again but craved more bread.  Shocker.

After dinner (pretzel roll!) I went to a meeting and when I returned home I mindlessly snacked on dried apples. I wasn’t hungry but I couldn’t resist.

Overall, I didn’t experience anything quite like I did with dairy.  I felt a little bloat-y and I was tired after eating my gluten.  But I didn’t seem to have a bad reaction that implies I am sensitive to gluten in an allergy kind of way. We shall see how the next few days go…

How I felt: full and really really tired after meals. a little bloat-y

What I ate:

Breakfast: omelette with veggies, bread with almond butter, black iced coffee

Lunch: chili with sweet potato, bread with almond butter

Snacks: dried apples

Dinner: Turkey burger on pretzel roll bun with salad

More Snacks: almond butter with dried apples

Omelette with Almond-buttered seeduction bread

Omelette with Almond-buttered seeduction bread

Turkey burger on a pretzel bun with side salad

Turkey burger on a pretzel bun with side salad


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