Day 35: SWYPO Smoothie

Today didn’t seem like a good day to reintroduce another food, but I did *sort* of go off-plan today: I had a SWYPO food.  A Whole 30 program rule is not to eat food that is paleo-ified junk food.  They call this stuff “sex with your pants on” food.  Some good examples would be: paleo pancakes, paleo cookies, paleo cake.

Ok, fine. I get it. But… 1) technically I’m not in my first 30 days anymore, 2) I’m on vacation, darnit, 3) the ingredients were all in Whole 30 compliance individually and 4) I have been traveling for a week and losing my energy and stamina with finding appropriate foods and well balanced meals.  I didn’t really have any protein options other than almond butter at the vegan restaurant where we ate. So I had a smoothie. And it was delicious.

How I felt: Good, totally back to “new normal” and rested!

What I ate:

Breakfast: egg scramble with veggies (spinach, tomato, peppers, avocado). Coconut milk in my coffee

Lunch: Prana Smoothie from The Juicery: strawberries, bananas, raw almond butter and dates.  A big green salad with avocado

Snacks: Hazelnuts, banana

Dinner: Moroccan chicken with sweet potatoes, apple with almond butter

Prana Smoothie (SWYPO!)

Prana Smoothie (SWYPO!)

Salad with Avocado

Salad with Avocado

It doesn't look appetizing but… Moroccan Chicken with Sweet Potato

It doesn’t look appetizing but… Moroccan Chicken with Sweet Potato


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