Day 28: Travel Day 1

I’m headed to DC for a conference for a few days followed by Boston / NH to visit my twin sister, her husband, my niece, and friends. This is my first *real* travel on Whole 30, so it should be an experience.

I started my morning at 5:30 when I woke up to get ready to head to the airport. I packed some pre-made food to get me through most of the day in a bag: leftover egg bake to eat at the airport, mashed sweet potatoes, sliced fresh mango, a banana.  Guess what I left at home? Yup. Already I wasn’t off to a great start.

MSP Airport has a CIBO Gourmet Express that turned out to save the day: a whole-foods style hot bar along with a cold salad bar all set up for lunch at 6:30am.  I asked the woman working what ingredients were in the eggs and she went and checked for me: eggs and citric acid. Score! So I had “hot bar” eggs and veggies. There’s one meal…

It was 2pm by the time I reached my hotel, and I was hungry. I heavily snacked on some of the dried fruit and nuts I packed, and had one of my last few grass run farms beef sticks.  It was a beautiful day so I ventured out to a nearby Whole Foods at Foggy Bottom (where I once lived!). I hopped on one of the Capital Bike Share Bikes and I was hooked! I have never done a Nice Ride in Minnesota, and now I definitely will.  After Whole Foods, I ended up biking all over town- the White House, The Lincoln Memorial, The Washington Monument, Dupont Circle…

A few things I learned: this city is NOT as bike friendly as Minneapolis, and though I lived here only a few months over a decade ago, I remembered this city like it was yesterday. I passed by bars I had been to, streets I had walked on. I have been to DC since living here, but never to the areas I used to frequent.  It was a nice walk down memory lane.

After some research (google), I decided to try out Commissary for dinner. I sat at the bar and ordered a “burger salad,” the most perfect Whole 30 dinner meal I could imagine: grass-fed beef burger atop a salad with avocado and sprouts.  Plus oil/vinegar for dressing (instead of ranch).  It was tasty!

How I feel: Tired, its been a long day.

What I ate:

Breakfast: hotbar eggs with veggies, apple on the plane. Caribou decaf in Minneapolis, Dunkin’ Donuts black coffee in Chicago

Lunch/Snacks: Dried fruit, nuts, apple, banana, small salad with HB egg, beef stick

Dinner: Burger salad from commissary.

Eggs and Veggies

Eggs and Veggies

Minnesota doesn't "Run on Dunkin'"... but Chicago does!

Minnesota doesn’t “Run on Dunkin'”… but Chicago does!

Whole Foods Saladbar

Whole Foods Saladbar

Burger Salad + Avo at Commissary

Burger Salad + Avo at Commissary


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