Day 23: Bad Food Reaction

I had lunch with my coworker at Zelo’s today. I loooove Zelo’s simple ciao bella salad, but without the goat cheese it wouldn’t have been the same.  Despite their helpful menu that shows what is gluten free, ordering was complicated, so I ordered what was essentially a piece of salmon cooked with olive oil, salt, and pepper over a bed of lettuce and arugula with some shredded apple.  It was very tasty!  Except by the time I walked back to the office I felt horrible… and an hour later I considered heading home for the day.  I made it past my bout of food sickness, but it was eye opening! There was something that snuck into in my salmon from the grill that didn’t agree with me.  Was it gluten? Soy? Dairy? Who knows… but hopefully I’ll figure it out when I start reintroducing food groups.

How I felt: Horrible after lunch, fine by the time I ate dinner

What I ate:

Breakfast: beef stick and cucumbers

Lunch: Salmon with arugula/apple salad

Snacks: nuts, apple

Dinner:  Shredded chicken with pea-NOT sauce, cucumbers, dried figs. Later I had broiled apple/banana with cinnamon

Zelo Salmon and Arugula

Zelo Salmon and Arugula

Chicken, Pea-NOT sauce, Cucumbers and figs.

Chicken, Pea-NOT sauce, Cucumbers and figs.


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