Day 18: Camping Part 1

With an abundance of paid-time-off left to burn this year at work, I headed “Up North” for a few days off the radar.  The northern 1/3rd of the Minnesota State borders Lake Superior on our east side, an area known to locals as “The North Shore.” Technically, it is the western shore of Lake Superior, but we tend to be a little ethnocentric around here.  It’s our North Shore.

Normally when I go “up north,” I prefer to stay in a cozy wooded private cabin by the lake, or at a resort like the Gunflint Lodge where they set up your canoe or kayak for you, pull it out of the water, and have wine and cheese appetizers waiting for you upon return.  This last minute vacay combined with a peak fall color weekend meant that the options were: (1) camping or (2) dingy motel rooms priced at Midtown NYC rates.  Camping it was!

I’m not much of a “camper.” I am arachnophobic. I didn’t grow up camping so I don’t know what to do- what to pack or wear or bring or not bring. I don’t even have a suitable suitcase, I used a travel roller bag.  Doing it Whole 30 style would be difficult too- what’s the point of camping without s’mores?

We camped at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park, which was turned into a State Park and National Historic Landmark after Split Rock Lighthouse shut down in 1969.  The lighthouse is the “most photographed lighthouse in America,” whatever that means.  It’s a beautiful park with awesome / horrible camp sites.  All of the sites are remote, secluded, and “cart-in,” meaning they are up to half-a-mile away from the parking lot. About half of the sites are on cliffs that overlook the lake- you can hear the waves crash against the rocks when you sleep! Lucky for those people…. our site was incredibly beautiful and remote, but was about half-a-mile up a hill.  The cart-in process was not very fun, I am still sore.

How I felt: Good, nothing new to report

What I ate:

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs and fruit (I can’t remember what kind), iced coffee with coconut milk

Snacks/Lunch: Trail mix, dried apples with almond butter, grapes, carrots with “pea-not sauce,” dried mango, fresh apple, hardboiled egg

Dinner: Spicy Italian Chicken Sausages, Veggie Packets (Broccoli, beets, carrots, peppers), Baked Sweet Potato — all over the campfire!

Fire Roasted Sweet Potato

Fire Roasted Sweet Potato

Fire Roasted Veggies

Fire Roasted Veggies


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