Day 11: HUNGRY

Day 11 was a long, hungry day.  I don’t know why, but I was ravenous the entire day!  It was also difficult because I went to two “networking” events after work: a law-firm rooftop social downtown followed by a Quorum Young Professionals event in uptown.  I couldn’t eat or drink anything at the first event, but there was some delicious hard salamis and veggies at the second event, which was held at Marche.  The rest of the Marche spread looked soooo good, I want to go back there when I’m not doing a Whole 30.

How I felt: Starving! I don’t know if it was because I didn’t eat a proper breakfast with protein or if this is a new stage in the plan? But I just never felt satisfied today.

Caf Salad w/Chicken and Guac

Caf Salad w/Chicken and Guac

What I ate:

Breakfast: leftover mango, banana with almond butter. No protein or coffee 😦

Lunch: Caf salad (spinach, red and green peppers, hardboiled egg, cucumber, carrots, slivered almonds, oil/vinegar) with homemade shredded chicken and a few TBSP of leftover guac, apple

Snacks:   Cashews, grass run farms beef jerky stick

Dinner: Networking finger food: prosciutto-wrapped asparagus, hard salamis, baby tomatoes,  grapes


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