Day 9: Busy Bee

This day was frantically busy and long, starting at 5:30am when I went to the gym. It was one of those days where I didn’t have the chance to use the bathroom at work until 3pm.  I left work early to see Ruth Bader Ginsburg speak at my law school alma matter (awesome!).  Immediately jetted across town to make another meeting at 7.  Home around 9pm, exhausted.  Days like these make it hard to stay on the Whole 30, but I managed thanks to leftovers and Whole Foods.  Unfortunately, I will be digging deep tomorrow since I don’t have many good pre-made protein options at home.

How I felt: OMG Tired. I need more hours in the day to sleep.

What I ate:

Breakfast / Post Workout:  1/3 sweet potato, 3 bacon-egg “muffins” from Day 7 (each cup has crumbled bacon, 1.5 eggs, bell pepper, spinach), black iced coffee

Lunch: leftover Brazilian Chicken, mashed sweet potato, Kale Salad that I didn’t finish and put back in the fridge (this was a dinner Day 8 repeat)

Snacks During the Day:  Apple, banana

Dinner:  Whole Foods Saladbar including such interesting things as: Indian Spiced Apples, hardboiled eggs, lots of veggies.

Egg "Muffins" with Sweet Potato

Egg “Muffins” with Sweet Potato

Leftovers from Day 8

Leftovers from Day 8

Whole Foods Salad w/Indian Spiced Apples

Whole Foods Salad w/Indian Spiced Apples


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