Day 8: Officially Hit the Wall

Day 8 was a Monday and it really felt like a Monday. I was really really tired.  My day was filled with delicious homemade food, and I felt better without dining out. I had been on a streak from Days 4-7 with at least one meal at a restaurant, and I think I prefer to know where all my ingredients and oils come from- even if the servers seem transparent and helpful.

One thing that became glaringly obvious on Day 8 was how much I could use a dishwasher and garbage disposal.  I have never had these “luxuries” where I have lived as an adult, and I am fed up with doing the dishes over and over and clearing my drain-catch every 5 minutes.  I live in an old 1920’s brownstone apartment, common in South Minneapolis but atypical due to its large size. I absolutely love my apartment and neighborhood, but I eye the new buildings in Loring Park and the North Loop with envy.  I’m ready to upgrade to “luxury” amenities like dishwashers, garbage disposals, central A/C, and garage door openers.  And real luxuries like roofdecks, BBQs, pools, and workout facilities.

How I felt: TIRED! Really tired, all day long.  It got even worse around 8pm, I could hardly keep my eyes open.  I stayed awake until 9pm when it felt socially acceptable to get ready for bed.  This has to be the “wall” everyone talks about, but I am encouraged by reports that once I get past this I will feel great and have lots of energy.  Here’s hoping!

What I ate:

Breakfast: Leftover egg scramble from Day 6, 1/4 avocado, coffee with almond milk and a splash of light coconut milk. And a date!

Lunch:  Leftover burger with grilled veggies, apple.

Snacks During the Day: Trail Mix (See Day 1)

Dinner:  Leftover Brazilian Chicken, mashed sweet potato w/ a little ghee, Avocado-massaged Kale Salad with Beets, Radish, Kohlrabi, pistachios.

Burger and Veggie Leftovers with Avocado

Burger and Veggie Leftovers with Avocado

Brazilian Chicken curry, Mashed Sweets, Kale Salad

Brazilian Chicken curry, Mashed Sweets, Kale Salad


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