Day 6 and 7: Hangry, Tired, and a Bike Ride

My first Whole 30 weekend went pretty well.  I had some delicious meals but experienced a wave of hangriness.  Saturday was pretty low key, but I didn’t start to think about making dinner until it was too late. At that point I was hangry and tried the Whole 30 Chipotle recommendation.  The salad got cold and soggy real quick, so now I will avoid Chipotle in the future if I can.

On Sunday I did the 32 mile loop of the Minneapolis Bike Tour.  It was my first ride longer than 20 miles since I did a 4-day, 300 mile charity ride in July.  From April to July each year I spend many hours and miles in my bike saddle training for the ride, and I typically fuel myself with granola bars, protein bars, powerbars, and G2 afterwards.  Sometimes I ride 80-100 miles a day (and more than 6 hours), so those processed, compact products come in handy when I need to get enough calorie intake to keep riding.

The Mpls Bike Tour was my first ride on the Whole 30.  It wasn’t quite the lengthy distances I rode during the summer, but it was longer than a typical hour-long workout.  I brought along some sweet potatoes, ate the fruit that was provided at pit stops, ate some trail mix and dried fruit I brought along… it turns out I don’t need unnatural chemical-y products to ride my bike. Who knew?

I don’t think I could do a Whole 30 while training for a Century ride because there are only so many bananas and sweet potatoes I can carry on my bike before it becomes space and weight prohibitive.  However, the food I ate on Sunday was perfect for a few hours of biking.

How I felt:

  • Day 6: Good until the evening. All of a sudden I couldn’t wait to make dinner and I became annoyed and crabby and wanted food STAT.  Hence Chipotle…
  • Day 7: Awesome during the day, but REALLY tired at night. I didn’t sleep much on Saturday night, but notice that I get much more tired around bedtime on the Whole30.

What I ate, Day 6:

Breakfast:  decaf coffee with light coconut milk and almond milk, egg scramble with summer squash, bell peppers, spinach topped with avocado

Lunch:  1/2 Sweet Potato + Brazilian Chicken Curry,  Dried apple rings

Dinner:  Chipotle (Carnitas salad, mild tomato pico, medium salsa, guacamole)

What I ate, Day 7:

Breakfast:  2 pre-made egg cups with bacon, eggs, bell pepper, spinach, black coffee

During Bike Ride:  2 bananas, 1 apple, trail mix, 1/2 sweet potato, dried pineapple, dates.

After Bike Ride / Lunch:  1 apple, Mofongo n’ Eggs (mashed over-ripe plantains) at The Freehouse.  For some reason I never got my bacon, but that’s ok- it probably wasn’t nitrate-free without sugar anyway.  I forgot to ask if the scrambled eggs had milk in them, so I may have accidentally cheated… but the server insisted the plantains had nothing in them aside from a little canola oil (which is not recommended but not prohibited on Whole 30 where you can’t avoid it).

Afternoon Snack:  Shredded chicken mashed with 1/4 avocado

Dinner:  1/3lb Grass-Fed Beef Burger, Apple + Kohlrabi Salad w/ Sunflower seeds and oil/vinegar dressing, Grilled summer squash + bell pepper.

Here are some pics, totally out of order but I’m not exactly a pro with wordpress:

Egg Scramble w/Avo

Egg Scramble w/Avo

Brazilian Chicken + Sweet Potato

Brazilian Chicken + Sweet Potato



Mofongo n' Eggs (I didn't eat the English Muffin or Jam)

Mofongo n’ Eggs (I didn’t eat the English Muffin or Jam)

Burger + Kohlrabi/Apple Salad + Veggies

Burger + Kohlrabi/Apple Salad + Veggies


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