Day 0: Introduction

My name is Bev and I am starting a Whole 30 tomorrow.  Here are my goals:

  1. Kick the “sugar monster” in the butt- get my sweet tooth under control
  2. Regain my willpower to resist unhealthy foods . . . and re-learn to enjoy them in moderation or special occasions
  3. Recognize the difference between hunger and craving
  4. Determine which food groups I am sensitive to and how those foods affect me
  5. Lose weight or at least stop the creeping scale
  6. Feel energized and not a slave to food related energy spikes and food “comas”

In this blog, I will write about (1) how I feel and (2) what I am eating each day.  Those two tidbits on other people’s experiences on blogs have been the most helpful for me to read, so hopefully it helps me realize my own patterns and helps someone else with their experience.


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